Our Team

More than just your average lighting store Houston! Meet the Team

    Neal McHenry

    Neal McHenry has over 10 years of experience with low impact development involving work with storm water treatment, SWPPP, and AB 244 lighting compliance. Maintaining a focus on design implementation using best management practices learned in the expanding field of green building development, his team has produced a comprehensive solution to the management of projects of various scopes.

    With the rapidly changing arena of LED lighting and control technology, attention to maintaining access and expertise to the latest information of various product lines of the top manufactures, as well as the up and coming new manufacturers, keeping abreast of the latest products and trends has been his top priority. The expertise attained in this industry has led to multiple opportunities to help guide our customers to become leading innovators in the field of eco-friendly lighting solutions. His team has been instrumental in the implementation and growth of the AB244 compliance program for both Wells Fargo and Chase Banks. He is a LEED Green Associate, Member USGB, and is an associate member of IESNA, currently sitting on the Outdoor Environmental Lighting Committee and the Security Lighting Committee. His safety certifications include OSHA 30 hour API Work Safe.

    Neal McHenry of OS Direct

    Jason Smith

    Jason Smith of OS Direct Houston

    Jason Smith has 18 years of experience in the financial and commercial service/construction industry. Jason began as a technician and in a short period of time became the Installation Manager, which he held until January of 2005. At this time Jason had become General Manager in charge of running One Source. He, with the help of his business partners, has grown the company from a $4 million in annual revenue company via one location into a $10-$12 million in annyual revenue nationwide contractor with 6 locations in just under 6 years. On January 1, 2011, Jason became president of One Source and currently oversees the financial managing and planning for 6 locations, 65-80 employees and monitors projects all over the country.

    Steve Smith

    Steve Smith can be classified as the Security Director with the Electronic Security division of One Source, though is not limited to that aspect of the company. He is one of three owner/directors of the board along with Jason Smith and Tom Wartell. Over the years he has obtained many electronic security certifications and is currently the Security License holder for One Source with the ability to perform any low voltage work scopes in 13 of the 50 States. He continues to grow and obtain Security Licensing in any state that One Source conducts business in. This is a very unique industry and Steve dedicates himself to making himself available for the team in every program and project One Source completes. He certainly enjoys what we do and is overly excited about any new avenues we are afforded. In addition to overseeing the entire Electronic Security division he also works very closely with the Senior Project managers in regards to the day to day operations of our company. He, as well as his business partners, takes great pride in the quality, efficiency and professionalism exhibited by each member of our team. With over 13 years of experience in the industry he brings experience, knowledge, and stability to any endeavor we at One Source take on.

    Steve Smith OS Direct

    Rachel Barton

    Rachel Barton Office Manager

    Rachel is the heart and soul of our daily operations at OS Direct. With over 10 years in commercial business development, accounting and production, Rachel keeps our organization moving forward. In combination with dynamic LED lighting store product knowledge and dedicated customer support, Ms. Barton continues to reflect as an irreplaceable asset to our growing infrastructure.

    Verstandt Shelton

    Verstadt is our IT and media communications manager at OS Direct. Mr. Shelton has paved the pathway in respect to our company growth measures year after year. When building a small to mid sized LED lighting industry business, it is imperative that you acquire best of the best of the technical field. We are very pleased that Verstadt chose to pursue a career with us and could’t have made it this far without his divine approach to innovative leadership.

    Verstandt Shelton Houston OS Direct