Outdoor Sports Lighting

Outdoor Sports Lighting

Outdoor Sports Lighting!os direct led supply houston tx

Need out door sports lighting for your sports function? So you need lighting for the concession stands outside the sports function?

The OS Direct Lighting fixtures illuminate all levels of athletic events from professional to youth sports, delivering the right amount of foot- candles to the playing area without glare to the players and the spectators while reducing the growing concern with light trespass.

Quality Is What We Provide

Best-in-class optics engineering combines with a complete, integrated range of poles, cross-arms, ballasts, and fixtures, all working together to deliver a great high-value system. So our team works the hardest to bring you the best in LED lighting solutions.

Therefore OS-Direct maintains close working relationships at the “grass roots” level. We’re always ready to advise. Our team is ready to help move a new or retrofit system. From initial design to confirmed, authenticated performance and delivering the specified level, we’re here.

Endless Possibilities Are Here

Almost everyone deals with heavy lighting problems. Most of all the light to a stadium or field. Traditional lighting may not be the best solution. So why not find better options?

LED lighting provides intense amounts of lumens at low electric costs. Maybe your problem can be easily solved. Although mercury lighting is primarily used, LED light can save you time and money!

New lighting options are here so you can save money. Rather than spend thousands on older lights, move to newer options.

Save Time And Money

Newer lighting options can save you thousands. Although older techniques could maybe still be more popular, LED lighting provides a lot of benefits.

While the initial costs can be greater, the savings are incredible over time. LED lighting has been proven to reduce electric costs.

The longevity of their lifetime is amazing. LED lights last almost 5 times longer than conventional bulbs. What isn’t to like?

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If you’re ready to switch to LED lighting, give us a call today at (281) 968-1297!

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