General LED Lighting That Meets All Needs

General LED Lighting That Meets All Needs

Improve Your Lighting Situation

LED lighting can greatly improve the experience in any location. This includes home, office and more. Not only do LED lights provide higher energy efficiency, they also improve your emotional state and efficiency. General LED lighting allows for brighter and more visible light. It also uses less energy than the average bulb.

There are several major benefits to upgrading your lighting. They are a major leap in technology. Their light is brightening a new tomorrow for illumination. Also we think you’ll find that you’ll quickly become as passionate as we are about LEDs. Below we will list just a few of the top reasons.

Brightness and Colorgeneral led lighting

LED lights can be extremely bright. A low wattage diode can seem blinding even while using almost no power. Furthermore, the light has almost 0 UV emission. That means it causes no harm to goods or materials. This is especially useful for items sensitive to heat.

Light color is something we experience every day. When you see an average bulb, it appears yellow or orange. That is the color spectrum of the bulb. With LEDs, you can attain nearly a pure white. There are of course variations. Not everyone wants pure white light. Just remember the option is there.

Power Consumption

There is a commonly understood combination between wattage and brightness for conventional bulbs. This is not the case though. Wattage is a measurement of power consumption. Not brightness. A standard incandescent bulb at 60 watts is about as bright as an 8 to 12 watt LED light.

The reduced power consumption drastically reduces your electric costs. If you take 48 watts off of every bulb in your home, just imagine the savings. In addition, incandescent bulbs use those extra watts to produce heat. That also leads to an increase in A/C expenses.

Life Span And Directional Use

The average light bulb last about 2 years of regular use. That doesn’t include rapid on and off switching. General LED lighting has a lifetime average of 11 years. With regular use, this can go upward to even 22 years. LEDs have very little trouble with rapid switching as well. This makes them the perfect choice for traffic lights or signals.

LED lights are designed to project light in specific directions. This eliminates the need for reflectors. You can easily light a specific area if needed. Omnidirectional LED bulbs also exist if intended for conventional use. The cost efficiency remains the same for both types of LEDs.

Give us a call when you’re ready to improve your lighting. OS-Direct has the right general LED lighting for you.

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