General LED Lighting That Meets All Needs

Improve Your Lighting Situation
LED lighting can greatly improve the experience in any location. This includes home, office and more. Not only do LED lights provide higher energy efficiency, they also improve your emotional state and efficiency. General LED lighting allows for brighter and more visible light. It also uses less energy than the average bulb.

There are several major benefits to upgrading…

LED Business Advantages

What are the LED business advantages?
In the recent past, many people discounted LED lighting. It was a new technology, largely untested, and it was expensive. Luckily, these same problems presented in the past are being righted with each passing day. LED lights are becoming more common, which means the price is going down, while the quality is still climbing. Thinking…

Frequently Asked Questions about LEDs

What Should I Need To Know About LEDs?
Not everyone fully understands just what LEDs. So they don’t know what they are capable of. Below, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions people have involving LED lighting.
Q: What does LED stand for?
A: LED stands for Light-emitting diode.
Q: How long do LEDs last?
A: Although they have a much longer lifespan, LEDs…

LED solutions

LED, or light emitting diodes, are the lighting systems of the future. They seem to be everywhere, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be going anywhere anytime soon. More and more people are switching over to LEDs each day. Is switching over to a LED solution right for you? We here at OS-Direct…

Outdoor Sports Lighting

Outdoor Sports Lighting!
Need out door sports lighting for your sports function? So you need lighting for the concession stands outside the sports function?

The OS Direct Lighting fixtures illuminate all levels of athletic events from professional to youth sports, delivering the right amount of foot- candles to the playing area without glare to the players and the spectators while reducing the…

Interior Warehouse Lighting

LED Interior Warehouse Lighting!
Ensure optimum productivity and ease of navigation by providing phenomenal lighting. So in your warehouse or industrial facility you gain the most. High-bay and low-bay lighting is probably your best option.

Combining this with powerful heavy-duty spotlights and industrial vehicle lighting equipment. You will have your location in prime condition!

At OS Direct we are the number one supplier…

Outdoor Parking Lighting

Parking Lot Looking Scary?
Outdoor Parking lots come in all shapes and sizes. From the gigantic high-rise or subterranean multi-level structures to the flat lots of a small retail strip-center. Sometimes even with only a few stores.

While parking lots provide a great service by allowing us access to retail and office centers they sometimes create a substantial risk. What determines the relative safety…