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Industrial, Commercial & Residential LED Lighting Solutions. We sell high end LED lighting direct from the manufacturer to you. Don't be afraid of new technology.

Who We Are

While searching for ways to implement LED lighting solutions in to the main stream, it became clear that there was a more efficient way to execute the supply of LED Light fixtures. The early planning of OS-Direct.com came over a stuffed grilled cheese and BBQ Bacon Burger and since then just a quick idea has rocketed into a platform for an efficient and informative LED supply chain. The challenges we have faced during the startup have been met head on while close attention has been paid to every detail involved in the ordering process.

A wild idea came to mind while listening to a local talk radio show caller who was describing his small business and the concept of online distribution in which it became very clear the avenue that we would follow. As a group we began to explore different avenues for securing product lines and platforms. We learned quickly that the distribution chains are a carefully guarded commodity in the lighting industry and knew that we would need to prove our worth in the industry. USLED was the first manufacturer to give us a shot and we will always be grateful to them for allowing us to be able to team up to bring a great product to market. Further trials and vetting processes have also led to the OS-direct line of specialty lighting. We look forward to expanding the line of manufactures and products to be able to provide lighting solutions that work.

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With a background in environmental services, security and financial institution infrastructure expansion, the lessons learned having been on the receiving side of shipments have carried over to providing the best customer service experience possible. From one single fixture to 500 we strive to provide an avenue for quality lighting supply.

~Neal McHenry